Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum Guide

Hardwood flooring is popularly used in homes because of its durability and also because it never fails to add that extra bit of ‘classy’ feels to a well-structured home.

Getting a hold of the top vacuum for hardwood flooring online is becoming extremely important, and essential, especially if you wish to retain the glow of your hardwood for a long time to come.


Hardwood Classic Looks Need Extra Care

Hardwood, unlike other types of flooring, has to be tended to as frequently as possible; that is if you want it to remain as good and as classy as it looks when it is installed. If you have spent that extra bit to get good hardwood flooring installed, you would certainly be on the look-out for the best way to keep it intact.

The main idea is to keep your hardwood shiny and scratch free. This can be done best with a Vacuum cleaner; not just any vacuum, but one that would work well for hardwood. If you’re looking for the best hardwood vacuum guide, read on.


What to Avoid

Since people are usually advised to clean and maintain their hardwood with a vacuum cleaner, the most common thing they tend to do is use the same one that they use to do their spring cleaning. By conventional I refer to the ones which are made mainly to remove the dust around the house and maybe your car. Best advice for you, don’t do this.

If you want your floor to remain as sparkly as it is, the last thing to would want to do is use your common house-hold vacuum machine to do so. The reason is simple; these vacuums are not made for smooth or hard surfaces.

Using a regular vacuum will only result in your floor being, cleaner than before (with less dust) but with a whole lot of scratches which takes away the whole ‘classy’ look.

Make Sure it Has The Right Features

There are different types of vacuum cleaners which are available in the market. The modern ones, i.e. the newer vacuum cleaners are made with better features, padded wheels, soft edges and detachable extensions catering specifically to sensitive floors.

  • Make sure you buy a vacuum cleaner (preferably a canister vacuum) which has an extension to specifically clean a floor or soft carpets. Anything with a rough edge will do you no good. Don’t forget that your hardwood floor is very sensitive to rough or sharp things.
  • A floor-cleaning extension which has some kind of padding would be perfect to clean your hardwood floor. Also bear in mind that wood floors not only need to be dusted off, but a light swab now and then is mandatory and this would require a cleaner which has the wet and dry option.
  • Also, the size and weight of your vacuum cleaner matters. The lighter, the better, which is why handheld vacuums are a great choice in this matter.
  • Vacuum cleaners which are easy to mover around are a much better option than the ones which are, light, but have to be pushed around.

The best is not necessarily one which is really expensive. Make sure you take a closer look at the features and not the price. The right vacuum cleaner is the one that is gentle on your classy hardwood floor and is able to remove the dirt without removing the looks.

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